Virtual Series: Cultivating Freedom Within

Cultivating Freedom Within” – PART 3
Movement Class

September 13
Facebook Live through Corps Multiple & Articulate Austin

During this hour, Sandie Donzica (Artistic Director of Corps Multiple and Certified Dance Teacher) will offer a movement class specifically designed for your confined space.

We will be exploring floorwork phrases and use our proximate and current environment to our advantage for movement. Ready to partner with your couch, chair, table or wall, connect all the points of your space and transform your living room in a “parkour” dance space?

This class is the third part of the series “Cultivating Freedom Within”, hosted by Corps Multiple. We are now exploring the possibilities of our new environment, finding new ways of moving, connecting deeply with the earth, feeling our weight, our attachment to earth, our presence, but also feeling our strength, that remains with us, that is part of us no matter what.

This movement class is a direct prolongation of the work we started at the beginning of the series. The questionning of these series is:

Physically, how do we take our full space within constricted closed walls? How do we reinvent our self-image within these parameters to not crush under the weight of our circumstances but acknowledge them and adjust to it? What do we need to let go of in order to survive? What are we surprisingly able to develop? Is the challenge to actually let go and embrace our fall to heal and maybe be reborn?

In the development of this series, Corps Multiple is able to speak from different levels:
– From the physical and mental perspective
– From an outward to an inner approach
– From a fluid extensive quality to a rooted and strong movement
– From improvisation to a technique class.

1) Open level Virtual Improvisation Workshop

Sandie guided the participants through organic tasks to liberate the body, letting go of the pressure to do, to be, to grow. Participants found ways to acknowledge the contradicting feelings that rose from confinement and retrieve the simple pleasure of moving their body, dancing with themselves, for themselves.

We expand within our environment and understood that our physical limitations might not be that restricting and can offer possibilities. We explored ways to find and create more space in our room and within our bodies. We came to peace with our situation and started to understand the opportunities it can offer, when changing perspective.

Workshop available at the bottom of the page.

2) Talk about the effects of confinement on the dancer’s mind

We may expend our vision and shift our perspective on our physical limitations and our current situation, but the mind needs to open up in order to continue the freeing process of the body and the entire self. In order to fully free the body, we have to free the mind and come to terms with certain issues, develop new perspectives, mourn to then celebrate.

What is actually hard about our new situation? What is it that we truly miss of our career that we can’t have/reproduce in these conditions? We need to acknowledge and embrace that we might be failing to meet the standards that we held pre-pandemic. We probably didn’t do what we were “supposed” to do these past few months. But what DID we do? How do we use that experience? May we actually come out of this, eventually, better dancers, better artists, better humans?

Talk available at the bottom of the page.

3) Intermediate Level Movement Class

In September, we offered a Movement Class specifically designed for our confined spaces. This class offered techniques, tips, tasks and focused on strong and rooted movement. We explored the possibilities of our new environment and found new ways of moving.