les éléments

An exploration of human roots through the prism of the four natural elements.
  • DAVID DEMARIS, keyboard and mixing
  • PASCAL MINAUX, field recordings and mixing
  • Performed at the VORTEX in Austin, TX on February 2, March 2, April 13 and May 11, 2019.

les éléments is based on the four natural elements: Wind-Water-Fire-Earth. This piece is a direct progression from our first work (UN)ROOTED. As we explored our roots as individual facing the society in (UN)ROOTED, les éléments offers an introspection into human root’s as a species. Where do we come from? How can we trace our human identity in each of the four natural elements? Each movement focus on one natural element and try to define how human kind was shaped by each of them.

The sounds used for les éléments are mostly acoustic based. Aside from acoustic instruments and synth instruments, some sounds are processed field recordings. They come from Pascal Minaux’s library of sounds, recorded indoors and outdoors. These sounds have been samplerized in order to be to harmonize them and compose music based on them.

Using emotions as the core language of their multidisciplinary performance, Corps Multiple wants to break the wall that keeps all art disciplines away from engaging each other into a spontaneous conversation. Combining synesthesia and free improvisation as performance practices, they want all art media to simultaneously and collaboratively create a piece on stage. Space and time are the common elements that we all use to move and feel in order to enter in vibration, using lights, gravity force and sounds.

In les éléments, the performers continue to explore further their ability to create a piece as multidisciplinary artists. They are not only prompt into an emotional conversation but continue their exploration of cross-genre performance. Therefore, musicians are engaged in choreographic elements and dancers are engaged in the sonic arrangement of the piece.

Corps Multiple‘s choreographic works often offer an immersive experience as the audience space is frequently crossed by the performers. In les éléments, they were able to go further by having the performers interact with the audience, making it their first audience participative work.

Photography by Errich Petersen for the 9th Annual Garden Party at The VORTEX