Blossoming: on tour

Blossoming was originally an improvised duo between sound and movement, that was part of (UN)ROOTED, the first production of Corps Multiple. The musician and the dancer were reaching a perfect symbiosis in emotion, rhythm and intention. Over different residencies in France in 2019, Blossoming has become a powerful and surprising choreographic solo, interpreted and toured by Sandie Donzica.

The piece represents the internal conflict of the individual, between her interaction and her need to belong to the society, the group; and her desire for independence, to build her person free from any pressure and restriction. We see her evolution through her emotions and internal and physical suffering due to the influence of the group and this ambivalence of feelings. The second part of the solo shows her found fulfillment, finally at peace with her demons, building herself as a singular being and finding happiness.

Sending this work to France has furthered the creative process and style of the company. Sandie Donzica re-choreograph the piece, keeping the spontaneity and authenticity found through improvisation, but this time with set choreography. She discovered tools to access specific states of presence. She developped a choreographic signature by mixing her different influences in dance, immersive theatre and performance; French contemporary dance, American performance and German floorwork. Corps Multiple got offered a total of 4 residences in France in the course of 4 months: at CAFEDANSE in Aix-en-Provence, Studio Antipodes in Nice and Studio Kalâa in Fréjus to deepen this work.

Blossoming was performed at the international festival Festiv’Arts 2 Rue in the South of France in August 2019. The work was received by more than 600 people in Les Issambres and Roquebrune-sur-Argens. In October 2019, the company was invited to perform at Théâtre intercommunal Le Forum, Sandie Donzica‘s howetown. She performed a happening in the hall in front of more than 300 people, before the show Carmen(s) by José Montalvo. Last performance in France in 2019 was at Studio Antipodes in Nice, closing the company’s residency and touring overseas.

Photography by Anthony Krizmanic during Festiv’Arts 2 Rue 2019

Photography by Didier Duval at Théâtre intercommunal Le Forum, October 2019

Photography by Frederic Pasquini at Studio Antipodes, November 2019