Corps Multiple started to offer Dance Masterclasses in France in the fall 2019, taught by the Co-Artistic Director, Sandie Donzica. The masterclass is composed of a professional dance training and an open improvisation workshop based on the techniques and tools developed within the company. The first masterclass took place on October 12, 2019 in Fréjus FRANCE. Studio Kalâa invited the company to teach for dancers based in the South of France. The second one was taught in residency in Nice at Studio Antipodes, November 5-6, 2019. Sandie Donzica taught during two days a professional dance training and an improvisation workshop.

Teaching proposed by dancer, choreographer, artistic director and dance teacher, Sandie Donzica:

Sandie Donzica teaches a choreographic style that is the symbiosis of all her influences in contemporary dance, improvisation and theater. Her singular, fluid, instinctive, sensitive and powerful style is based on French contemporary dance and modern American dance (Cunningham, Limon), adding new techniques of German floorwork and acrobatics, tending towards physical theater and research of extreme sensations and pure emotions, while using interdisciplinary improvisational techniques that she developed with her US-based company, Corps Multiple. The notion of adaptability, the mixing of genres and the search for the spontaneity and authenticity of the movement are at the center of her work.

The technical class, considered as professional training, starts with a warm-up respectful of the body and energizing, developing a personal and group instinct with tasks leading the dancers to let go and  look into their own sensations with curiosity and open-mindedness. The class gradually allows the dancers to dive deep into their being, finding unfamiliar terrain and connecting with their own sensibility. Sandie will take them in different choreographic phrases that use an increasingly complex yet specific vocabulary, without losing the sensitivity of the movement. The goal is to slowly bring back natural instincts by building a loose, available and able body, awakening reflexes. Natural behaviors are then implemented play with extremes on a physical, theatrical and emotional point level. The class prepares the body and the mind for the deep research, rehearsal and performance work that usually follows.

The workshops focus on the multiple aspect of the body, and how far we can go by using it to express our deep emotions. Sandie works a lot with the breath and the voice, as well as the text, which is linked to the movement to find a multimodal spontaneity. The voice is used to inform movement and movement to influence the voice. By connecting the two, we come to refine our search for organic and spontaneous expression. Sandie uses various improvisation techniques that put the intricacies of dance, music and theater on the same plane. These workshops are designed to help dancers become multi-faceted artists by using multidisciplinary techniques, allowing them to find their own expression, in tune with themselves, and to not dance “like such”, but from a deep and understood source, with a power that belongs to them and defines them.