Residency at The VORTEX

Corps Multiple has been granted a monthly residency at The VORTEX to develop their new work, les éléments.

Corps Multiple migrated from their recent production (UN)ROOTED to explore further the origin of human species. As they explored human’s roots in the individual facing the society in (UN)ROOTED, les éléments offers now an introspection into human root’s as a species. “Where do we come from? How can we trace our identity in each of the four natural elements?” Each movement in les éléments focus on one natural element and try to define how humankind was shaped by each of them.

Each performance of les éléments (February 2nd, March 2nd, April 13th and May 11th) is different. As the lyrics and some of the musical compositions remain identical, the guest performers, choreographic elements and theatrical elements change depending on the space in which the company performs. Corps Multiple also offers an immersive performance as the artists move around the audience.

Friday, September 27, 6-8pm: “Malincolico”

François Minaux will be presenting an evening of live fusion music, mixing natural recordings with flute and singing. As Sandie Donzica, the Co-Artistic Director and Choreographer of Corps Multiple, is currently in France developing the international work of the company, François will be exploring the poetic theme of melancholy and nostalgia by presenting the first version of a new piece called “Re-Cueillir”. The performance will be preceded and followed by musical improvisations on the themes of nature, summer and memories, which will introduce you to their next production coming in 2020, “les elements“.

The show is free, as usual. Come enjoy a beautiful, unique and evocative time with Corps Multiple on the outdoor stage of The Butterfly Bar Austin! “Re-Cueillir” will officially premier at the Austin/Austin Angers French Market on November 16.