02/01 Museum of Human Achievement,
Austin, TX.

Photography by Derrick Fore

Nearly two months after producing and performing (UN)ROOTED, Corps Multiple opened for Mother Octopus, presenting a new version of the pieces Blossoming and i am an orphan, accompanied and arranged by David Demaris at the keyboard.


03/23 The VORTEX,
Austin, TX

Photography by Errich Peterson

Corps Multiple adapted their new work les éléments specifically for The VORTEX Garden Party. les éléments is based on the four natural elements: Wind-Water-Fire-Earth. They brought an immersive performance representing humanity’s relationship with nature and the cycle of life, spreading a message of love and protection of Earth and our environment.

Festiv’Arts 2 Rue

08/12 Les Issambres, FRANCE

Photography by Anthony Krizmanic (akphoto.fr)

Sandie Donzica went to France to show the work of Corps Multiple for the very first time overseas. Blossoming was part of of the opening of the international festival along with the company Good Morning Vietnam.

Festiv’Arts 2 Rue

08/22 Roquebrune-sur-Argens, FRANCE

Photography by Anthony Krizmanic (akphoto.fr)

Corps Multiple was invited to perform in the festival a second time, and show Blossoming to more than 300 people, ranging from small children to adults of different age. French audience discovered for the first time the work of Corps Multiple.


10/11 Théâtre intercommunal Le Forum,
Fréjus, FRANCE

Photography by Didier Duval

Sandie Donzica was invited to perform in her hometown the work of Corps Multiple. Blossoming was part of a multidisciplinary event and was the opening act for Carmen(s) by French choreographer José Montalvo.

Sortie de residence

11/10 Studio Antipodes,

Photography by Frédéric Pasquini

Corps Multiple was in residency for a week at Studio Antipodes in Nice to created a new piece, Celebration of the Molt, which Sandie Donzica performed along with Blossoming at the end of the residency.

Austin-angers french market

11/16 St Edwards University,
Austin, TX

Photography by an audience member

François Minaux performed Re-cueillir as a correspondant piece to the solo Blossoming that Sandie Donzica was performing in FRANCE. It explored the poetic theme of melancholy and nostalgia in honor to the beautiful relationship the Sisters Cities entertain.


12/06 Mexican American Cultural Center,
Austin, TX

Photography by Uli Garcia

Sandie Donzica presented for the first time in the United-States the piece Corps Multiple created in residency in France: Celebration of the Molt. This solo will be part of the next production of the company, les éléments.


12/12-14 The VORTEX,
Austin, TX

Corps Multiple presented 6 performances of the immersive show Malincolico in one weekend, as part of their Residency at The VORTEX. The show was a mix of Blossoming and Re-cueillir, pieces developped at the same time in France and in Austin. This was the last performance of François Minaux as part of Corps Multiple.