Thinkery 21:
Summer Camp

08/23 The Thinkery, Austin, TX

Photography from The Thinkery

Corps Multiple performed and offered their first open improvisation workshop, fostering audience participation and creating an immersive artistic experience, combining interactive instruments, live music and site-specific dance.

10/05-07 North Loop, Austin, TX.

Photography by Jamie Massaro

Corps Multiple presented the first part of Blossoming for the first time, to be seen later on in the full production of (UN)ROOTED. This choreographic solo portrays the inner struggle of the individual trying to define, construct, identify herself while being intrinsically connected, attracted and rejected by the society.

Me Mer Mo Monday: Experimental Music

09/10 The Volstead, Austin, TX

Event curated by Melissa Seely

Corps Multiple performed an early version of (UN)ROOTED, bringing live music, singing and immersive contemporary dance to the bar. For this first public performance, the company showed the piece i am an orphan, that later became the main piece of the full production.

11/03 Stay Gold, Austin, TX.

Austin Sister Cities International

Corps Multiple presented i am an orphan, the 3rd piece of (UN)ROOTED, in its entirety, in an immersive format. The company holds Angers (the French sister city of Austin) dear, as Sandie completed her dance education there and moved to Austin thanks to the partnership between both cities.

Fast Forward Austin: New Music Festival

09/22 4th Tap Brewing Co-op

Photo by Robert Shawn Harrison

Corps Multiple performed the pieces i am an orphan and The Playground from (UN)ROOTED. Chris Demetriou was playing the vibes doubling autoharp and later on joined the cast of the full production of (UN)ROOTED at The VORTEX.

11/16-18 First Street Studio, Austin, TX

Photography by Emily Rushing

Corps Multiple presented the first part of The Playground, excerpt of (UN)ROOTED. This ensemble’s piece is an observation of human interactions and behavior. This is the first performance of Bob Hoffnar (Lapsteel Guitar) with Corps Multiple, before joining the cast of (UN)ROOTED.

(Un)Rooted: World Premiere

12/13-15 The VORTEX, Austin, TX.

Photography by Errich Peterson

(UN)ROOTED is the first production of Corps Multiple, in association with The VORTEX.
This multidisciplinary performance explores the themes of orphanage and identity.