Corps Multiple is a multidisciplinary collaboration between two French artists: Sandie Donzica (dancer and choreographer) and François Minaux (singer and composer). We create a symbiosis between live music, dance and theatrical performance. We are merging fusion contemporary music, contemporary dance and physical theatre.

Our researched experimental scenic improvisations are based on intimate experiences from people around us, as well as human psychology, behavior and deepest sensations. We strive to develop artistic evenings crossing genres and disciplines to produce eclectic, spontaneous and intriguing contemporary works in order to touch the senses, emotions and thoughts of the audience.

Our first production, (UN)ROOTED premiered at The VORTEX in December 2018.


    • Share a spontaneous and genuine performance by working with the community beforehand and opening the discussion and the floor during the performances.
    • Provide a hub for artists and the public to practice free improvisation; Educate the community on the art of improvisation, synesthesia, multidisciplinary collaboration, creation and performance.
    • Offer improvisation sessions focused on listening, adapting and interacting with the participant’s senses and environment, exploring ways of expression and creativity through sound, movement and collaboration.

OUR VisioN:

Using emotion as the core language of our multidisciplinary work, we want to break the wall that keeps all art disciplines away from sharing a spontaneous conversation. Combining synesthesia and free improvisation as performance practices, we are striving for all art media to create simultaneously and collaboratively. Our research with sound and physicality leads us to experience creation and performance from our senses first, using our sensations to provide authentic artistic experiences and connect deeply with the audience.