A Multidisciplinary performance on the themes of orphanage and Identity

(UN)ROOTED is a performance opening a discussion on humanity’s deep, inherent need for belonging, roots, pairs, and marks. (UN)ROOTED explores the process we involve ourselves in when looking for our own roots.

We all endlessly search for our family, our roots, our origins. We all experience various degrees of orphanage, dealing with the different cycles of life. We all want to be part of something, part of the group, part of society, part of the whole.

Moving bodies, sounds and music, text, and light works respond to this subject using free improvisation as a language to engage performers into a symbiotic exchange. It is composed of three pieces. (UN)ROOTED is approximately 1h30-long.


  1. The Playground (ensemble’s piece). It is an observation of human interactions and behavior. At different moments, while following their instinct, four characters join forces or separate in order to access to the object of their desire. Curiosity, compassion and cruelty are a few of the resulting emotional states that each character experiences as an individual facing the pressure of society. Using play roles, they test each other’s personality, strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Blossoming (choreographic solo). It portrays the inner struggle of the individual trying to define, construct, identify herself while being intrinsically connected, attracted and rejected by the society.
  3. i am an orphan (multidisciplinary piece based on an original poem). It is about the life searching journey we all undertake in order to find the roots that make us who we are as individuals. We may accept or reject our own biological roots in order to grow with more freedom into the person we truly are. In this quest for identity, we sometimes find ourself facing unanswered questions and even further from the truth we were seeking. Pain and uncertainty are unavoidable circumstances and must be sublimated in order to carry on.


  • François Minaux, Flutes, Vocals, Keyboard
  • Sandie Donzica, Dance, Vocals
  • Chris Demetriou, Percussion, Melodica, Thumb piano
  • Bob Hofnarr, Lap Steel Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar
  • Ann Marie Gordon, Scenic Design
  • Patrick Anthony, Lighting Design
  • David DeMaris, Sound Board Operator
  • Bastien Le Guen, Hairdresser
  • Amelia Turner, Makeup Design
  • Edited by François Minaux
  • Poster Photography by Sarah Annie Navarette
  • Show Photography by Errich Petersen
  • Videography by Justine Spinoza and Blue Osiris
  • Poster Graphic Design by Melissa Vogt
  • VORTEX Producing Artistic Director, Bonnie Cullum
  • Special Thanks to: Pascal Minaux, Alex Cogburn, Megan Kemp, Allyanna Corcoran, Tamara L. Farley.