Corps Multiple presents


An eclectic performance on the themes of orphanage and identity

Choreography by Sandie Donzica Music and lyrics by François Minaux

(UN)ROOTED is a performance opening a discussion on humanity’s deep, inherent need for belonging, roots, pairs, and marks. (UN)ROOTED explores the process we involve ourselves in when looking for our own roots.

We all endlessly search for our family, our roots, our origins.
We all experience various degrees of orphanage, dealing with the different cycles of life. We all want to be part of something, part of the group, part of society, part of the whole.

Moving bodies, sounds and music, text, and light works respond to this subject using free improvisation as a language to engage performers into a symbiotic exchange. It is composed of three pieces. (UN)ROOTED is appreciatively 70-minute-long.

1. The Playground, ensemble’s improvisation (approx. 20 minutes) “Observation of human interactions and behaviors”

2. Blossoming, choreographic solo (approx. 20 minutes)
“inner struggle of the individual trying to define, construct, identify while being intrinsically connected, attracted and rejected by the society.”

3. “i am an orphan” a multidisciplinary performance based on an original poem (approx. 30 minutes)
“Portrays human’s quest for its identity”


Musical, scenic and choreographic conception by Sandie Donzica and François Minaux. Dancer:
Sandie Donzica
François Minaux: Flutes, vocal
Bob Hoffnar: Pedalsteel guitar
Chris Demetriou: Percussion, melodica